Brewgoth is the on-line holiday home of the Disreputable Company of Gothic Brewers, our first home is on facebook. Actually that’s not true our first home is probably in a pub, our second home would be on facebook, so this is probably our first home or possibly our shop front. The Disreputable Company (as I shall hence forth call it) is a lose knit group of Goths that brew and that’s really about all that can be said for us. I’m going to ignore the question of “What is goth?“, as that’s been argued about without resolution for decades, suffice it to say – we are goths. Who we are is as I said a lose knit group of gothic brewers (and some of us also knit), we’ve not all met, we don’t all live in the same area, we don’t even all brew the same sort of thing – but we do all brew. It so happened one day sat in a pub (our first home) some of us were chatting about brewing, a common occurrence, and after a few more drinks decide we should form a group to share notes ideas and save on costs; thus was born the Disreputable Company. If you ever met us you’d know why it was a Disreputable company, if you ever get to taste our brews you’ll quickly stop caring (rumour has it shortly after that you’ll quickly stop being conscious but this has never been tested). Some of us actually work in the brewing trade most of us are just hobbyists doing it for the fun and alcohol. Some of us brew wines, some meads, some full grain beers, some kit beers and some brew Irn Bru or cherry cola. We’re still working on discovering just what we can’t use for brewing.

There’s not much more that can be said to describe our motley group, as anything I do say the odds are good that within a year one of us will prove the exception to it. We are merely united by our three core principles (which I just made up):

1) We’re goths
2) We aim to misbehave brew good booze
3) It’s time for a drink

So with introductions out of the way, grab yourself a drink and welcome to our online notebook.

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