Black Crow Lager

A Disreputable recipe – this is something akin to a black lager style beer using English hops (because that’s what grows in my garden). This is a basic black lager – somewhat alone the lines of Asahi black taste wise. The recipe is heavily based upon the Briess Schwarzbier recipe.

For 1 Gallon:
14 oz Czech Pilsner Malt
13 oz Lager Malt
1.5 oz black malt
1 oz chocolate malt
0.8 oz Roast barley
0.2 oz Early bird – main boil
0.2 oz Early bird – last 30 minutes
0.2 oz Early bird – last 10 minutes
Saf-lager S23 yeast

O.G.: 1.048
F.G.: 1.006

Being lazy I did my normal 72°c mash for 2 hours, then sparged around 80°, fermented at a bit below 18° (The house is kept at 18°c I put the bucket in the porch in winter).

About Giolla

Based on the edge of Hop country between London and Kent, I'm tending to brew seasonally from what grows in my own garden or can be foraged from the local meadows and country side.
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