Homebrew year by numbers 2015

It’s the new year so time to reflect on the year gone by, looking at the numbers I have to admit I have a brewing problem. According to my notebooks there were 40 brew days in 2015.
This resulted in:
bottling 162.5 gallons of beer, 15 gallons of wine and 5 gallons of mead.
The berries, leaves, flowers and grapes for the wines were all either from the garden or foraged for locally.
The beer used approximately 5.7 kg of hops all harvested from my back garden.

Total spend on brewing equipment, malts and yeasts including a shiny new GrainFather came to about £1,200. Which means for all of the booze I was paying about £6.60 a gallon or 82p a pint, call it 90p if you include electric and such. Which as I don’t drink neither wine nor mead by the pint isn’t bad. Though of course if I don’t include the GrainFather as that should last many years (lets say 5 and so just include a fifth of the price) then I only spent £720, lets call it £800 for electric and other forgotten costs, that makes it just £4.30 a gallon or 55p a pint (about half the price of the cheapest ale in Tesco’s) – I can live with that.

Now to make that cost even nicer, the calculated duty I would have paid on that if I’d bought it came to £1,145. If I include the VAT payable on that duty it comes to £1,374 – which is £174 more than I spent or if you include electric and other random costs by brewing costs probably came out the same as I saved from the tax avoidance alone. Or If we use the lower figure calculated from spreading the cost of the grain father over a few years then my savings from tax avoidance alone were £574 which rather nicely is about what I spent on building my home bar.

Double Tap Bar

The Double Tap Bar

All told I’d call that a successful year.

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Based on the edge of Hop country between London and Kent, I'm tending to brew seasonally from what grows in my own garden or can be foraged from the local meadows and country side.
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