Tobacco flower wine – Puritans despair

Tobacco Flowers A disreputable original – as a lot of people seem to think brewing with tobacco isn’t the worlds best idea. If you are growing tobacco at home and don’t want to add the flowers to your usual smoking mix rather than waste them make wine. This uses the same basic principles as every other flower wine – add flowers and sugar to boiling water ignore for 24 hours strain add yeast and nutrient. There’s no need to separate the green bud at the base of the flower from the petals before adding but try to minimize the amount of stem. I’ve mainly tried this with Virginia tobacco plants other varieties may produce different results

It produces a nice full bodied golden wine with a fruit and floral scent.

As ever with such things fresh flowers are best but I’ve used frozen when I didn’t have enough plants in bloom at the same time.

For 1 Gallon:

  • 1 pint loose fresh tobacco flowers
  • 1 Kg brewing sugar
  • 500g demerrara sugar
  • Yeast nutrient
  • High alcohol wine yeast (e.g. GV4)

About Giolla

Based on the edge of Hop country between London and Kent, I'm tending to brew seasonally from what grows in my own garden or can be foraged from the local meadows and country side.
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