Black Crow Lager

A Disreputable recipe – this is something akin to a black lager style beer using English hops (because that’s what grows in my garden). This is a basic black lager – somewhat alone the lines of Asahi black taste wise. The recipe is heavily based upon the Briess Schwarzbier recipe.

For 1 Gallon:
14 oz Czech Pilsner Malt
13 oz Lager Malt
1.5 oz black malt
1 oz chocolate malt
0.8 oz Roast barley
0.2 oz Early bird – main boil
0.2 oz Early bird – last 30 minutes
0.2 oz Early bird – last 10 minutes
Saf-lager S23 yeast

O.G.: 1.048
F.G.: 1.006

Being lazy I did my normal 72°c mash for 2 hours, then sparged around 80°, fermented at a bit below 18° (The house is kept at 18°c I put the bucket in the porch in winter).