Rhubarb Sherry

This is a nice quick simple recipe for making a Sherry like wine out of fresh rhubarb. The exact flavour will depend on the rhubarb and sugar used, but as long as you don’t use white sugar you shouldn’t go far wrong. The recipe and technique are based upon those given in “First steps in wine making

Ingredients (for 1 Gallon):

  • 3lb (1.3kg) fresh rhubarb
  • 3lb (1.3kg) Sugar (demerrara)
  • Yeast nutirient
  • Wine yeast


Chop up or thinly slice the rhubarb into a pan – do not peel.
Cover the rhubarb with the sugar and cover the pan. Leave the rhubarb and sugar until most of the sugar has dissolved, at least 24 hours. Strain off the syrup into a demijohn or fermenting bin. Stir the rhubarb pulp with a little water to get out the rest of the juice and sugar and strain into the fermenting vessel. Rinse with some more water and again strain into the fermenting vessel to make sure there’s no sugar left behind. Make up the volume of liquid to a gallon and add nutrient and yeast according to the relevant instructions.

Allow to ferment, then rack and bottle as usual.
As with all wines it’s better if left longer but this can be ready within 6 months.

Typical O.G. : 1.120
Typical A.B.V. : 13%


This is best made from young rhubarb but depending on your Rhubarb may work equally well with late harvested rhubarb, I’ve successfully used rhubarb harvested in September.

If you have to use white sugar the wine will tend to be overly dry and thing, without the richness of flavour that could be otherwise achieved. Though it is still quite drinkable either as a spritzer or mixed with other drinks.